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Daytona Coupe, 289 and 427 Cobras

Daytona Coupe Cobra -

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The interior of the coupe was very Spartan, after all it was a race car. The "upholstery" consisted of a light coat of semi-flat black paint. Gauges in the coupe were Stewart Warner. The most significant difference in the roadster and coupe gauges is the use of the larger (and easier to see at speed) 2-5/8 diameter pieces for the oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, ammeter and fuel. The following photos shows a view of the dash under construction with the tachometer and speedometer temporarily installed and the holes cut for the auxiliary gauges. Also visible is the aluminum footbox and the pedal box.

Daytona coupe cobra dash fabrication

Daytona coupe cobra dash fabrication

Directly below the dash is a small panel containing most of the switches for the cars electrical systems. Switches were included for starting, ignition, fuel pumps and the running and driving lights. Heavy duty, high quality switching was necessary to minimize problems during competition. Aircraft quality switches were used to provide this reliability. The following photos show the switch panel almost complete.

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