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Video Links Section Overview

This section features some of the videos that I've either managed to collect or take of our cars. I will be posting more as time permits. (A YouTube link is provided following the video title if your browser does recognize the hyperlink embedded in the video title.)

Video Links to my Daytona

The following short video clips were taken as an experiment on some of my recent drives in our area. I apologize for the quality, but they illustrate that my car is actually drivable.

The first few videos are jerky because I was only holding the camera while driving (that is why I said the it was an experiment.)

During the Sierra trip video, the camera was held in a fixed mount. It held the camera more securely, but it was still not ideal mount. The camera is a GoPro and mounted in their standard housing. The housing significantly attenuates the great sound of the Daytona.

I am still experimenting with camera mounts and location. In the future I want to use a better camera mounting to allow me to keep both hands on the wheel and hopefully obtain better quality videos and audio of my drives.

And just so you don't have to try to count the road stripes or poles as they go by, I am obeying the posted speed limit.

The following links are to my videos currently posted on YouTube.

Video Links of other Daytonas

The following video links show are of some of the other Daytonas that have been posted on the internet.

  • Victory By Design

    This video although still available on the internet captures some terrific sounds and scenes as one of the original coupes CSX2299 is driven around a closed public road or estate. I don't have any details of the location where the scenes were shot. Turn the sound up and sit back and listen. Music to a car guys ears.

    Be patient, this is a very large file and takes some time to download. If it doesn't start within about 10 seconds, check your documents or download folder and then start your video player software of choice. You won't be disappointed.

Victory By Design

Fabrication Related Videos

Over the years of my Cobra hobby, I have gathered quite a library of videos prepared by a number of very well known and respected metal fabricators. Most of the videos were made back in the "old" days of VHS tapes. I found them indespensible during the fabrication of my Daytona Coupe. Taking a hands on class from an instructor is great. However, the video tapes offer the very clear advantage of being able to replay and review at any time. Don't know about you, but techniques that aren't used routinely have a habit of growing a little hazy as time goes by.

Each of these craftsmen have their own expertise, biases and unique presentation styles; however, they are all to be commended for sharing their skills with us hobbiests. My video library includes the following experts in the field:

  • John Glover
  • Kent White aka the Tin Man
  • Ron Covell
  • Ron Fournier
  • Fay Buttler

Example video from an expert

The first videos that I purchased while trying to learn about the English Wheel were those of John Glover.

To shown the skill of this true craftsman of the wheel, I have included a few short segiments from one of John Glovers tapes titled "Use of the English Wheel - Building a Model A Fender". On his video, John goes through the steps to recreate an exact duplicate of a steel Model A fender. My edits try to capture several steps in the fabrication including: John's considerations for dividing the original panel into smaller pieces for ease of abrication, showing his approach to making paper template patterns for one of the pieces and most of the detailed shaping of one sub-piece on the English wheel. The fit of John's panel on the original Ford panel is so good, you can almost hear them sliding together over the original.

The complete video is over two hours long, so this is only a short segiment to show John in action. I don't know if this video is still available, but if you can find it, it is one of the best and I recommend it highly.

Click on the following text "John Glover Using the English wheel video" to watch this expert in action.

Again, be patient, this is a very large file and takes some time to download. If it doesn't start within about 10 seconds, check your documents or download folder and then start your viedo player software of choice. John's insight into attacking an English Wheel projet is well worth the time.

John Glover English wheel video

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