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Cockpit Air Vents

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Keeping the driver cool turned out to be a new problem that the didn't exist in the roadsters. Several small air scoops were installed in the 1965 season to provide outside air into the cockpit. Two of these were on the cowl and directed air at the driver via holes in the dash. The duct that connects the scoop to the dash turned out to be a time consuming fabrication effort. The approach we followed was; hole in the cowl, hole in the dash, connect the holes. The following photos show these pieces in fabrication.

Close up view of the cowl hole in progress.

The duct penetrated the dash and was aimed directly into the drivers face. The right side of the dash has a similar arrangement. After the duct penetration was located in the dash, it was cut off and a flange was added to mate to the rear side of the dash. The following photo shows the progress of the installation just before the flange was fabricated on the duct.

The beginning of the duct tube fabrication on the drivers side. This tube directed the air collected from the cowl louvers and directed it into the cockpit. It transitions from the rectangular shape on the top of the cowl to the round dash penetration in just a few inches. The fabrication of each of these ducts required about 5 or 6 separate pieces.

A view with the dash removed showing the ducts on both the driver and passenger sides.

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