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Daytona Coupe, 289 and 427 Cobras

Daytona Coupe Cobra -
Floor and Interior

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The coupe has a full belly pan for improved aerodynamics at the higher speeds. The following
photos show the installed driver side floor portion of the belly pan.

The hatch back / spare tire area was the next portion of the "floor" to fabricate. The following
series of photos show the final product including the spare tire support tubing. The fuel tank
rests below this portion of the floor. To get fuel into the tank, the filler tube runs from the 4"
LeMans filler cap on the right side rear fender through the inner fender panel through the floor and into the tank. The routing of this fuel filler tube, the required fender and floor cutouts will be tackled next.

The following photos show the preliminary card board mockups of the transmission tunnel and the completed aluminum panels behind the driver and passenger seats.

The full belly pan on the coupes necessitated a method of quick removal of the various interior panels to provide access to the transmission, fuel pumps and other equipment. Quarter turn Dzsus fasteners were used on the transmission tunnel to meet this requirement. The following photos show the virtually completed interior panel layout just before the Dzus fasteners were added. Also seen in the photo is the installed seatbelt. Attachment of the belt to the main chassis rails required the fabrication of a small semicircular shaped area in the tunnel side panels.

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