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Hood work stand

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Working on the hood quickly became a chore simply because of its size. Welding the hood bubble on and installing the engine oil access door were extremely difficlut to reach whlile the hood was still on the car. I quickly decided that some sort stand to hold the hood while working on these tasks would be extremely helpful.

Although the hood is not all that heavy, it is awkward. I use a chain hoist mounted to an A-frame to move the hood on and off the car. It is a very simple process and takes only about 15 minutes. More importantly, I can make the transfer competely by myself (no waiting for assistance from my wife or other Cobra buddies.)

My stand was fabricated out of material I had on hand. The basic requiredments of the stand included the following:

  • Wheel mounted to move around the shop.
  • Flexible positioning of the hood adjustable from a horizontal to a vertical position.
  • Allow quick and easy movement from the car to the stand and back.
The following photos show the hood mounted on the stand.

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