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Daytona Coupe Cobra -
Fuel System

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Previously I showed the construction of the fuel tank. This section of the photo tour will show some of the details of the fuel pumps. The original coupes had multiple electric fuel pumps mounted on the main framerails just inboard of the right rear tire. At least one of the original cars had three separate fuel pumps. Two of the pumps were plumbed in parallel and delivered fuel from the tank to the Webber carberators. These were the main fuel pumps and were controlled by a toggle switch on the small switch panel below the dashboard. The third fuel pump was the reserve pump and appears to have been plumbed to deliver fuel from the reserve part of the fuel tank into the main section of the tank. I will use only two pumps for my project, although the bracket has been sized for three as were the original cars. The following photo shows a mockup of two pumps just prior to starting the fuel line plumbing to the tank and to the engine.

The fuel pump area on the original cars is a maze of hose to get the fuel supply into and out of the three pumps. Since this is an area that is harder to access for maintenance, I elected to hard pipe the inlet and outlet lines to the pumps. The following photo shows the final pump installation.

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