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Daytona Coupe, 289 and 427 Cobras

Daytona Coupe Cobra -
Pedal Box Area

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The pedal box of the original coupes was identical to the 289 roadster in construction, but was mounted slightly differently in the chassis (the roadster boxes were supported from a 1-1/2" diameter tube running thorough the center of the box along the axis of the chassis.) It appears that of the six original coupes that there were at least two or three methods of mounting this assembly in the coupe chassis. The front of the pedal box supported the Girling master cylinders for both the brake and clutch as well as the pivot mounting for the pedals. The accelerator pedal was mounted with an additional bracket on the inboard side of the pedal box. In the following photos the aluminum footbox has been removed to show the pedal box. The accelerator pedal is not yet installed, but it will mount on the side of the pedal box with a lever extending down through the slot in the aluminum sub-floor panel.

Daytona coupe cobra pedal box fabrication

Daytona coupe cobra pedal box fabrication

After mounting the master cylinders to the pedalbox, the hydraulic lines to the front and rear brakes and to the area of the clutch slave cylinder were installed. The following photo is a shot looking toward the rear of the chassis. The rear brake line can be seen along the top of the main frame rail and the clutch hose is tangling in the foreground.

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