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This is the longest solo trip that I've taken in "Red". Although I titled this page "Yellowstone", I actually hit several other National Parks. This 7 day, 2,800 mile trip in the Cobra was every bit as fun as one could hope for. After attending an annual Cobra club event at Lake Tahoe, the Cobra was pointed East and the fun began. As you can see from some of the photos, I put the top on the car. Initially, the top was helpful for warding off sunburn, but shortly after leaving Yellowstone the rain hit and it was obviously much more important at that time. By the time I got to Rocky Mountain National Park, the weather had also turned colder and again the top made driving much more pleasant. (I must be getting old.)

First stop after Tahoe was Craters of the Moon national Monument.

Next on the road trip was one of the crown jewels, Yellowstone National Park.

After leaving Yellowstone, I crossed the top of Wyoming. As you might expect, north central Wyoming has lots of wide open space and offers some fun Cobra roads.

After driving through rain for a few hours, I pointed the car south toward Colorado. The weather cleared and the trip to Rocky Mountain National Park was on.

The Cobra ran perfectly, even along the Trail Ridge Road which is the highest major highway in North America (according to the National Park service) which hits 12,800 feet above sea level.

Dinosaur Nation Park was next on the itinerary. Traveling across northern Colorado, again on some spectacular roads, I passed (going the opposite direction) a tour group of approximately two dozen vintage cars. I didn't have a chance to catch all of the participants, but they included a 427 Cobra, in addition to Feraris, etc.

Heading west across Utah and Nevada provide a lot of time for considering the next Cobra project and trips (the scenery was relatively boring). One "highlight" was passing the Bonneville Salt Flats.

The rest of the trip home to California was through a lot of country that I had traveled before so I didn't take any additioanl photos. Would I take the trip again; YOU BET.

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