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Daytona Coupe Cobra -
Engine Oil "Puke" Tank

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There are a number of small parts that needed to be fabricated to complete the Daytona. One of these is the engine oil overflow catch tank (aka "puke" tank). As is typical for the coupes, all of the original cars have minor variations on the basic overflow tank theme. Some of the original cars utilized round tanks mounted to a bracket on the lower steering column and some mounted them at varing locations on the drivers foot box. Others utilized a small rectangular tank, similar to a pint size solvent can that could have been purchased at the local hardware store and mounted on the lower outboard side of the drivers footbox. The tank that I made is based on CSX2601 and is therefore mounted on the front of the drivers footbox.

In some of my reasearch, I have read that the original overflow tanks were modified lawn mower engine gas tanks. However, I have not been able to varify this nor find a tank that looks correct. Therefore, I decided to fabricate a tank from scratch based on period photos of the car.

The following photos show the tank during fabrication. Rolling the basic shape and then using a piece of wood with a rounded edge to hammer form the end domes.

The ends were welded to the tank body.

Finally, the inlet hose bungs, breather cap tube and tank drain fittings were fabricated and welded to the tank.

Then a trial fit to the driver side footbox, before metalfinishing and painting.

One more task completed.

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