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The Daytonas used a suspension setup identical to the 289 roadsters. The basic layout was a transverse leaf spring forming the upper suspension locating link and fabricated steel tube lower control arms for the lower links. Wheels were mag style pin drive Halibrands, 6-1/2" x 15" fronts and 8-1/2" x 15" rears . The following photos show the basic layout of the front and rear assemblies.

All original Cobras have a rear suspension which is fully independent and employs a solidly mounted differential housing driving the wheels through half shafts. Although the differential is very similar to the units used in Jaguars of the same period, it is uniquely Cobra because of chassis mounting differences. Some people assume (incorrectly) that when the 289 engine was replaced with the larger 427 engine, that there was a need for changes in the differential to handle the increased torque produced by the larger motor. The same differential was utilized in all cobras, whether street or competition, 289 or 427. The original cobra housings were cast iron and are virtually unobtainable these days. The differential that will be used in my coupe is an exact reproduction of the originals except that it has been manufactured in aluminum for slightly less weight. The ratio that we will try first is a 3.77:1. The following photos show the some of the drive line hardware.

Daytona coupe cobra differential

Daytona coupe cobra drive and half shafts

The braking system usage on later production run 289 and all 427 street cobras utilized Girling calipers and solid disk rotors. As the Cobras were entered into competition events, Shelby switched to larger Girling calipers (which are generically referred to as race brakes) but the solid rotors were retained. The race brake calipers were physically much larger than the street calipers and were aluminum castings as opposed to the cast steel street units. The brakes utilized on the original Daytonas were of the race brake style. The following photo show the race brakes that will be used on our coupe.

Daytona coupe cobra Girling race brakes

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