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Free 3D CAD Models for Experimentation

This section of my site lists a few 3D CAD models for various parts of the Cobra that I have developed using Autodesk's Fusion360 software.

The models listed on this page are free for the asking. No strings attached. I only request that you send me feedback of your experience in using the model; whether it is simply tinkering with it on CAD or whether you get to the point of making an actual part.

The reason for this offer is two fold.

  • First, I want to to inspire other enthusiast to consider using modern CNC technology to make a part for their personal Cobra project which is typically purchased.
  • Second, I want to learn from the experiences of others in actually machining this part with the objective of offering additional 3D models for those who would like to machine their own parts.

One very well known replica Cobra manufacturer is already using CNC equipment to make numerous parts for their cars. However, they are using high end, multiaxis CNC machines and complementing CAD software to meet their very demanding quality standards and to meet the quantity requirements required to support their car sales.

My concept is a little more suitable to the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast who would like to build an authentic replica and also create as much of the car as possible themselves. This also applies to those of us who would rather spend money on tools and equiment than on parts.

CNC milling machines that can produce parts with very acceptable tolerances and at reasonable speed for small quantity or one-off parts are now a reality. Extremely powerful "personal size" CNC machines can be purchased complete from various vendors (Tormach is one example). Alternatively, there are many examples of hobbiests on YouTube who have very successfully converted benchtop size milling machines to CNC capability (although admittedly at the "cost" of a larger time committment before starting any actual machining).

In the interest of full disclosure, I am new to CNC. However, I have started down the path. Recently I have added a CNC milling machine to my shop and am in the learning mode for both the machine and the software utilized. The following link will take you to the page of this web site where my CNC adventure begins. Cobra Fabrication - Tools and Equipment - CNC Milling Machine

The drawings shown below are current as of the day this web page was developed. Since I anticipate continuing to work with the 3D models these drawings represent, the actual Fusion 360 model file may be a newer version. I also hope to add more CAD models to this section as time permits.

To take any of the models to the next step and actually simulate or machine the model would require using Fusion 360 to assign the tool paths and then create the CNC G-code for the specific machine of interest.

One final note, for those contemplating jumping into the CNC and 3D software arena. Fusion 360 has a version which is free to hobbyists for personal use. Yes, free (as of the date this web page was written.) Although the free version has some limitations, it is still incredibly powerful. There is a learning curve for the software, but YouTube tutorials and other support offered by Autodesk makes learning the package easier. I would recommend checking the Autodesk web site for full details.

If experimenting with CNC and 3D CAD software to machine your own Cobra parts appeals to you, email me at the address below and I can offer more details.

Contact: chuckcobra@aol.com

3D Model #1 - 289 Cobra Accelerator Mount Pedestal

Price: US$ 0 (Free)

The is is a 3D CAD model of the 289 Cobra Accelerator mount pedestal. This part was located on top of the driver side fibeglass footbox. It supported the separate acelerator pedal arm (which extended from the bottom of the mount into the footbox) and the carburator drive linkage. The original 289 Cobra Roadster part was cast aluminum.

A preliminary copy of the drawing of the part is shown below.

3D Model #2 - Cobra Brake and Clutch Pedal

Price: US$ 0 (Free)

This is a 3D CAD model of the Brake and Clutch pedal used on all Cobras; 289 Roadsters, 427 Roadsters and the Daytoan Coupe Cobra. This part, as manufactured for the original Cobras, was cast from aluminum and required only minor machining (milling a slot on the rear to fit the clutch or brake arm) to finalize.

A preliminary copy of the drawing of the part is shown below.

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