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Daytona Coupe, 289 and 427 Cobras

Construction Drawings -
Cobra Cast Parts

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These drawings document many of the cast steel and cast aluminum parts used on the original Cobras. The drawings have been developed in CAD as 2D drawings and include all mounting hole sizes, spacing and other critical dimensions of each component. These drawings focus on the critical machined part dimensions and show dimensions for the unmachined areas of the casting to the best of our capabilities (recognizing that since the original parts are castings, there are variations in thickness, radii, filets and other non machined surfaces). The drawings typically do not include casting details such as parting lines, draft angles, foundry identification numbers, etc. I am investigating the possibility of also developing the parts in 3D CAD format.

My focus to date is on the cast parts used on the 289 Cobra Roadster and the Daytona Coupe. I will be expanding the available drawings to include the 427 Cobra as time permits.

At this time, I do not anticipate developing drawings for the larger more complex parts such as the differential and the brake calipers.

Since many of the original style parts are becomming difficult to obtain, it is my hope that these drawings will assist in the reproduction of parts by either the limited run casting process (as the originals were produced) or perhaps by more modern CNC approach. I would enjoy discussing the potential for reproducing these critical parts with enthusiasts that would like to head down this path.

Package #1 - 289 Cobra - Cast Parts Drawings

Price: US$150

This set of drawings provides details for many of the aluminum and cast steel components used on the 289 Roadster Cobra and Daytona Coupe Cobra. The package includes fully dimensioned CAD drawings and photos of the corresponding Cobra part when available.

I have a few more cast parts drawings in the works including the 289 accelerator pedal housing and the 289 / 427 steering wheel hub. Drawings for these parts will be avaliable later this year.

Refer to the Index and Notes drawing below for details (click anywhere on the drawing to open a larger scale PDF version.)

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